Home-made Mushroom Pizza with a Garlic Tomato Sauce.

Home-made Mushroom Pizza with a Garlic Tomato Sauce.

Home-made Mushroom Pizza with a Garlic Tomato Sauce.

Home-made Mushroom Pizza with a Garlic Tomato Sauce.

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"That which we call a Nom by any other name would taste just as sweet."

Hey there. I’m Jen. Let me start off by saying I’m not really someone who woke up one
morning and ‘fell in love with food,’ like a revelation or epiphany. I have always been a
food lover: my childhood was filled with a passion for sweets so much that I still haven’t lost the extra ‘baby weight.’

But these days, I like to keep things in moderation. For this reason, I am
constantly in a love-hate-can’t get enough relationship with baked goods. I grew up
in a small town in Connecticut, standing by while my mother worked in the kitchen,
preparing everything from cakes to blackberry and sour-cream peach cobblers. I credit my never-ending desire for desserts to these moments. I would wait impatiently to lick leftovers from the mixing bowls, a habit that has left me feeling that the batter is always better than the final product.

After living in New York City, for what I believe has been a successful 3 and a hlf years,
I have come to consider myself a regular ‘foodie.’ This city has more than expanded my culinary repertoire - I still have nights full of pizza, dumplings, dinners with close friends, cafés to lounge in, and online delivery to thank for that. But great food isn’t only limited to NYC.

I recently spent four months studying abroad in the Czech Republic, surrounded
by beer, sausages, meat dishes with heavy cream sauces, fried cheese sandwiches,
svíčková, and guláš. In order to escape the threat of an expanding waistline, I foraged
within Prague’s best farmer’s markets for a change of scenery and an influx of greens.
For the first time, I stepped out of my comfort zone and taught myself how to bake beyond measurements. When people say, ‘baking is an exact science,’ my response would be: “it doesn’t have to be.” Thanks to Prague, I’m not afraid to improvise.

When I’m not busy working, I’m off at school experimenting in the kitchens, or at home clicking ‘next’
on food blogs. I currently major in Food Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing at
NYU. Most people ask me if that means I want to be a Chef, and yes I have definitely
thought about it. For now, I am just a woman with a wicked sweet tooth and a sometimes unusual taste palate who dreams of one day opening her own bakery or sweet shop. This blog comprises a selection of Shakespeare quotes, my culinary creations, everything sweet, and full of peanut butter.